Artisan Profile


Jesika has lived in Kibera since 1996, when she moved there in search of a job. She is a single mother of 3. She supports herself through bead making and selling vegetables and mandazi (fried dough, a favorite Kenyan snack). Jesika has been an artisan with us for 10 years and displays a multitude of talent that comes out in everything she creates and yet she still possess a very humble demeanor. In the past 10 years, she has learned so many skills such as sewing, basketry and jewelry making. Our artisan program has allowed her to provide basic needs for her family, to pay school fees for her children and improve her living standards. Her desire is for her son to finish his studies and be helpful in their community. Since moving to Nanyuki earlier this year, she sees an abundance of opportunity and now has a goal to buy her own land and build a good house for her family.