Grain of Rice Project is a non-profit organization that empowers Kenyans through education and training initiatives in Jesus' name. Although we initially were based in Kibera Slum, our program was expanding, and we needed more space. Because many villages have little access to resources, we recently moved to a small village outside of Nanyuki, 4.5 hours from Nairobi. Our new site is comprised of 8.5 acres, which house our artisan program, volunteer housing, vegetable gardens, and our recently launched Grain of Rice Academy. Grain of Rice Academy is a primary school that provides high quality, hands-on learning within a Christian context to children in need. Our students represent a range of tribes and ages as we focus on building a unified environment. Our school has a heavy emphasis on literacy, and we follow a cross-curricular approach to learning. Our vision is to create leaders who become problem-solvers in their own communities, thus expanding our reach.

Additionally, we support over 20 artisans from both the village and others who started with us in Kibera Slum and have now moved to our new location. Artisans create handcrafted products that help them to earn a living wage and support their families.

Although we cannot change all of Kenya, we strive to do small things to empower people that will add up to make a big difference in their lives and will in turn spill over and make a difference in the lives of others around them. Join us in tipping the scale.


Interested in team teaching at our upcoming school in Kenya? Click the link to learn more.


Purchase handcreafted goods created by Kibera artisans, supplying families with necessary resources.


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