Our Artisan Program

Our Artisan Program is now located in Nanyuki where Grain of Rice Academy is located. We were previously located in Kibera-the largest slum in East Africa. Many of our artisan in Kibera moved to Nanyuki to continue in our Artisan Program. By providing skills training and creating products, our artisans can earn a fair wage.

About Our Artisan Program

Grain of Rice Project humbly began in someone's living room in 2012. We then moved to a small room in the back of a barbershop. In 2014, we were blessed to move into a larger space in Kibera Slum, Kenya. This year, we moved our Artisan Program to Nanyuki where Grain of Rice Academy is now located. Many of our artisans from Kibera moved to Nanyuki to begin a new chapter and to continue in our Artisan Program. We've even had several new artisans join our team from Nanyuki, as well as employed a handful of artisans to help fulfill large orders.

Our artisans meet Monday through Friday at our workshop on campus at our school. In addition to making beautiful handcrafted products, our artisans learn essential skills to improve their standard of living--budgeting, savings, goal setting, resume writing, leadership, parenting, and healthy living. Our artisans are an integral part of the life of our community.

While our Artisan Program in no longer based in Kibera Slum, our mission remains the same: "Empowering Kenyans through Education and Training Initiatives in Jesus' Name." Having our artisan program located in Nanyuki at Grain of Rice Academy is a great fit for the life of the community and for having a generous amount of space to grow our program in the months and years to come. We thank you for your support over the years, whether you are have been with us from the very start or you are just now joining us. Every purchase from our Artisan Shop helps support our artisans and their families to experience a sustainable lifestyle and to work towards a more hopeful future.

Our Impact

Meet Pamela--she's one of the original artisans we started our organization with in 2013. Early on, Pamela began saving money to start her own side business of a chemist shop with medicines for neighbors who were sick. She continued saving and was eventually able to purchase land in Western Kenya, build a small house, and move out of the slums.