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Child Advocates

What is an Advocate?  An advocate is cheering on a child and advocating for his/her future success. Advocating for a child is a way to spread hope.

Your commitment promotes stable relationships, develops trust and enables the child to flourish in their learning environment. Your monthly support provides uniforms, books, materials, high-quality education, breakfast, and lunch, (as well as dinner and housing for kids who board at Grain of Rice Academy) to a child who normally would struggle to attend school. Your support continues to reveal God’s love and hope to our students.  We encourage advocates to commit to a one year minimum and if possible, continue with the student throughout their years at Grain of Rice Academy.

There are 2 advocate options:

Cover half of a child's education and support as a Dual Advocate or fully sponsor a child as a  Sole Advocate.

  • $38 / month for a dual advocate
  • $76 / month for a sole advocate
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