Artisan Profile


Peninah joined GORP in May 2021, and since then she has been willing and ready to learn new things each and every day. She developed skills in jewelry making and basketry. She enjoys making fabric bowls and necklaces. Working for Grain of Rice Project has given her the opportunity for her kids to gain a quality education as they have begun attending Grain of Rice Academy and has helped her to provide for her family at home, as well as help her parents. She learned the skill of knitting from GORP and now enjoys knitting at home as a hobby. Being a part of the artisan team has encouraged her to believe that anyone can do anything if he or she is willing to learn because when she started at GORP she didn’t even know how to hold the simple tools, like pliers! Grain of Rice Project has changed Peninah’s perspective on life because she is now empowered to make short term goals that she believes are now more than possible!