Building Brighter Futures:

Help us Build a School!

We have seen the need for quality education in Kenya, and we're responding.  Help us empower children through education and God's love.

In 2020 we purchased land, broke ground, and built 4 classrooms, office space, bathrooms, volunteer housing, an underground water storage tank and a biodigestor. 

Our goal is to complete Phase 2 in 2021:

  • Build 4 additional classrooms
  • Build an additional block of bathrooms
  • Purchase desks, desks, chairs, tables, and other classroom furnishings
  • Finish roads and sidewalks inside school compound
  • Build kitchen for cooking school meals
  • Build teacher housing

Total cost for Phase 2= $178,000

Proposed Plan:

*Purchase land in Nanyuki, Kenya

*Build a K-8 school on the land; move all existing programs there

*Increase the number of children we serve by 150+

*Provide quality education and safe boarding facility for children in need

*Train Kenyan teachers in literacy and hands-on learning instruction

*Construct housing for hosting mentor teachers from the U.S.

Create a Facebook fundraiser to help:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. On mobile, Click the Fundraisers button, and then click Create a Fundraiser.  On desktop, click CREATE at the top of your screen and then click Fundraiser.
  3. FB will ask: Who are you raising money for?  Click Nonprofit
  4. Type Grain of Rice Project into the search bar and select our logo.
  5. Add one of our photos and a description about our school fundraiser.
  6. Set a goal amount and an end date.