Giving Tuesday

Dream big with us this Giving Tuesday by helping us continue building brighter futures for more kids in Kenya!

Your support during this Giving Tuesday will specifically help us expand our school by building a new classroom in partnership with our current Dream Big Campaign (running Nov 1-Dec 31)! In April, as a new school year commences, we hope to add a new class of PP1 (preschool). This means our current PP2 kids will move up to grade one and we need a new classroom for them. We are so excited to continue to grow and expand Grain of Rice Academy to provide a high-quality education for more kids in Kenya. Help us make our big dreams come true!

Every donation will be matched by a generous donor!! So your $25 donation will become $50, Your $50 donation will become $100, your $100 donation will be become $200 and so forth.

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OR create your own Giving Tuesday Fundraiser for Grain of Rice Academy with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Create your own Giving Tuesday fundraiser for GORP at *set a fundraiser goal – somewhere between $200-$1000 or more if you’d like.*
  2. Share your page and invite friends and family to donate.
  3. Send personal messages or phone calls to invite people to support your fundraiser.

To find out more about our overall Dream Big Campaign head over to and read our newsletter from our founder at