Grain of Rice Project began with humble beginnings in someone's living room. We then moved to a small room in the back of a barbershop. In 2013, we were blessed to move into a larger, cleaner space in Kibera thanks to a grant from SALT, an organization at Valparaiso University. Our building houses our workshop and our GORP Kids Program.  During the day the main room of the house is used for beading, cutting fabric, and displaying items for sale, while the patio provides a space for devotions and lunch. Additionally, there is a room for sewing, and one for storing supplies and products.  In the evenings, the building transforms into a space for GORP Kids.  We are also happy to have a kitchen for preparing lunch and tea for our artisans and kids program, as well as a bedroom for hosting volunteers. The building is managed by Naomi, who helps with preparing meals, purchasing supplies, checking for quality control, shipping products, and coordinating order fulfillment.

The Barbershop Workshop