It’s Getting Real!

 We've got news!!!  This is the post I've been anticipating writing for so long.  TOMORROW is the day we break ground on the school!  Yes, finally, things are moving and starting to happen.  I arrived in Kenya on Tuesday, and today I spent most of the day with the architects and company that will oversee the land building.  Everything in Kenya centers around hospitality and relationships, so my morning meeting had to start with tea, oatmeal, cooked bananas, and avocado before we could begin diving into another updated look at the school plans.  Of course, by this time I was so full, I could hardly move (because also I mistakenly thought I should eat breakfast before I went to this meeting), but my brain managed to focus enough to take in everything that was happening.  We spent time going through the entire plan again, looking at each detail and the reason behind it.  There are things I never thought of in terms of which way the building must face to avoid overheating classrooms from the hot sun (no air conditioning, remember), and discussions about removing walls, adding windows, changing entrances, etc.  There are so many decisions to make, so please pray for God to give me wisdom.

Today lorries and trucks delivered the first supplies to the land this afternoon, and an entire crew arrived ready to get started once I show up with the project managers tomorrow morning.

on the agenda is fencing the property to make it secure and laying out each building in person so we can actually see where everything will be placed.

Stay tuned for updates soon and another exciting announcement coming soon!

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